In 1946, the Joseph J. Griesemer Quarry opened northeast of Springfield, Missouri on Historic Route 66 and the Frisco Railroad.  Now the north entrance to Springfield Underground, the quarry provided crushed limestone products to the construction and agricultural markets.

Ag Lime No 1 Billboard

In 1954, mining operations went underground using the room and pillar method of mining in order to reduce dust and noise to the surrounding area.  By 1960 enough area had been mined to build the first 250,000 square feet of warehouse underground while still allowing for mining to continue.  Now named Griesemer Stone Company, the limestone mining company partnered with a real estate investment company, Security Terminal, to build the first warehouse.

1962 Train at Underground  1956 Underground loading  Tunnel with Dump Truck

Mining and warehouse construction continued for the next five and a half decades.  In 1994, Griesemer Stone Company, Security Terminal, and General Warehouse Corporation merged to become Springfield Underground.  Mining operations ceased in 2015, although our limestone customers can find high quality aggregates at our Erlen Group family company, Westside Stone.

Today, we are passionate about solving our customer’s problems.  Along with the rest of the Erlen Group family of companies, we provide real estate, transportation, storage, and logistics solutions.

Fast facts:

  • 31 million tons of limestone were removed over the life of the mine.  These products went to enrich southwest Missouri soil and to build much of the highways and buildings in Springfield.
  • Springfield Underground contains 2.5 million square feet of leaseable feet.
  • More than 300 trucks enter to deliver and pick up goods each day.
  • Springfield Underground is rail-served both above and below ground by BNSF.  Umlaut Industrial, an Erlen Group company, provides transloading services.
  • Cold Zone, an Erlen Group company, provides frozen and refrigerated storage by pallet.
  • We have 500 acres on the surface zoned for development.