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Welcome to Springfield Underground

Springfield Underground is cost-effective, secure, adaptable and environmentally friendly commercial real estate located 100 feet below ground in Springfield, Missouri. Its unusual location shields tenants from virtually all man-made and natural disasters. And, even though it is rail-served and accessible by truck, it is a limited access facility and affords exceptional security. A constant temperature of 62 degrees ensures low, uniform climate control costs for our clients.

At approximately 2.5 million square feet, Springfield Underground continues to grow; we have ample space available for your unique application. While we can accommodate all sorts of businesses, Springfield Underground is home to warehousing, laboratories, food storage, records storage and data centers. Our location is convenient to railways and highways—which makes us ideal for distribution centers and manufacturers.

We work closely with our local utility company and are able to accommodate clients’ unique power needs.

Find out why you should go underground, take a virtual online tour or learn about our history.