• security
  • environmentally friendly
  • customizable
  • accessible

Secure Your Business

Because we are underground, we are by nature a limited access facility. Our clients have access to on-site rail lines and truck bays without compromising the security of storage or manufacturing facilities in the complex. Springfield Underground is not subject to the vulnerabilities of above ground commercial space such as break-ins and vandalism. Only authorized personnel enter our facility.

Go Green

Going underground is an environmentally friendly business decision without the added cost of an above ground green facility. Because Springfield Underground is 100 feet below the surface, it is below the weather. We don’t experience seasonal temperature variation, meaning that you spend a smaller, more uniform amount on utilities. Since Springfield Underground makes use of a former limestone mine, our buildings require fewer materials to construct.


We can customize each building in the Underground according to client specifications, including temperature and humidity control. Some of our buildings are even more specialized, such as sterile manufacturing facilities. We work closely with our local utility company to ensure that Springfield Underground is an exemplary partner for all of our clients, including those with sophisticated technological needs.


Springfield Underground features a surface rail siding, 2,600 feet of track below ground, close proximity to the headquarters of large national trucking companies, and railcar switching services.

Learn about our available space, take an underground tour, or read about our history.