We Have a Space to Meet Your Needs

Springfield Underground is a growing facility with space available for your business. Buildings in our operation range from 50,000 to 400,000 square feet. While the ambient temperature of Springfield Underground is 62 degrees year-round, we have outfitted several buildings to raise or lower this, adjust humidity, create sterile environments and more. In Cold Zone, a subsidiary of Springfield Underground, the temperature specific storage spaces range from -20F to 36F. Springfield Underground’s stable temperature makes this a cost-effective, environmentally friendly choice for distributors and warehouses.

We accommodate a spectrum of tenants. Many of our clients require power redundancy and superior connectivity, and thanks to our sound relationship with our local utility company, we can meet their needs comfortably. Springfield Underground also has commercial space available above ground. If interested in either underground or surface space, send us a message or call 417-874-1400.